Pray that Jesus will direct Emily’s steps and help her with her faith. Pray that if the job she is at currently is where God wants her, that He will help her with her job and if He wants her somewhere else, pray that Jesus will put her on the path that she needs to be on and open doors for her. The job she is at currently, she has been there for 5 months. Pray that Jesus will help Emily to have the emotional healing that she needs and to put her trust in God and to stop being so controlling. Pray that Jesus will help Emily to make the right decisions and help her to be guided by God and not by the world.Pray that Jesus will surround her with the right influences and help her to reconnect to her faith. Her dad died when she was young and her step-dad committed suicide years later. She’s been through a lot of rough things and only the Lord knows her heart and what is best for her.