Reflects Christ is the foundation of our church.  Our church is built on the Love He demonstrated by going to the cross.  The Blue heart represents His loyalty to stay on the cross for our sin and our commitment to Him and His love.  The heart is open to reflect our openness to give and to receive His love. The more love we receive from Him the more we give out to others. Love comes out of the church as we put it into action.  We have open hearts to love, not from our hurts, but our hearts; not from our disappointments or despair; but out of our dedication to Christ.

The church is built and comes out of His love for us. We take His love out of the church when we put it in action. God’s love surrounds and guides us as we go out in His name to spread the gospel of the Christ. The open heart is where Hope and Healing Meet Love. The open heart reflects access by God to our heart. The open heart tells us that: Love Lives Here, Love Lingers Here, and Love Leaves Here as we go out into the world and put it into action.