Minister Lovie Browne Tarver is a native of Woodbury, New Jersey, the wife of Reverend Dr. Jerome (Sam) Tarver, Pastor of Maple Springs Baptist Church and mother of Jai Alicia. Lady Lovie accepted the Lord at an early age and enjoyed serving as a youth leader, missionary and choir member. She has a heart for young people and served as the Director of Youth Ministries for 17 years.

In addition to her responsibilities as a wife, mother and First Lady, she is the Executive Director of the Maple Springs Community Service Corporation, Connect Ministry Leader, serves as a teacher for Hope Missionaries, Youth Division of Lott Carey Foreign Missions Convention, works in the Nursery Ministry and is a member of the praise team and two choirs. Lady Lovie has a servant’s heart and seeks to serve God’s people.

Lady Tarver is a graduate of the University of Maryland where she received a Bachelor of Science degree. She later received a master’s degree Certificate from George Washington University, School of Public Management and most recently attended the Maple Springs Baptist Bible College and Seminary as a graduate student. Professionally, she has worked as a Project and Program Manager supporting multiple federal government contracts for more than 20 years.

Lady Lovie strives to be an example of a virtuous woman — a woman who is yielded to God in every area of her life. Her favorite Scripture is Matthew 6:33 “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.”