Hi Team.

Thank you for this website. Thank you for praying for our prayer request may the lord bless you in all aspect and your family .May you never get tired praying helping and winning souls.I KNOW God is happy in heaven Godbless you.

I pray for this following prayer request
I pray for the salvation of me my family valdez family, liwanag and espanola and ramos family . I pray that we will turn away from sins seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness at all the time to enter the paradise and have eternal life and salvation.
Please pray for our salvation and that we will be written in the book of life

Please pray for my mental illness which is bipolar disorder will not come back i got confined in mental facility i got mentally ill thanks God i got healed and become ok again Please pray that it will not come back anymore.
Please pray for me to have a stable job May the lord bless us financially to be financially stable and uplift from poverty. Pray for our water that it will reconnected again it got disconnected because we havent pay the bills for a long time its hard we dont have water we only get water from our neighbor.

Thank you so much