Pray for my husband he barely got a job 3 weeks ago after being
unemployed since November yesterday he was told he was laid off due to
slow work, also pray for his health. Pray for my husband’s sister she is
having prolapse issues. Pray for my cousins Fiancee he is also having
heart medical issues. Pray for my mom for her health, job &
finances.Pray for my aunt she has some personal issues. Pray for my
friend Abby she is having personal issues. For my other cousin he has
been drinking & does drugs for many years pray the Lord would take away
those vices. Also a special prayer for another cousin of mine in FT.
Worth her husband was shot & killed and she is heartbroken. Pray for my
pastors grandson who is in the military that the Lord would bring him
home safely.Pray for my children for their health, protection, schooling
& walk with the Lord. Also pray for my father to be saved pray the Lord send him Christian people to talk to him about Jesus.Pray for those people who have mistreated us &
been cruel, I pray the Lord bless them & change them . Please pray for
me my anxiety, pray for my business & also for our families finances
that we can again prosper like we once were. Thank you”