Our History

In the Beginning…1963 – 1967 – First Pastor, Reverend James W. Rudasill, Sr.
The Seed


The Maple Springs Baptist Church was founded by the Reverend James W. Rudasill, Sr. The first meeting was held at the home of Mr. John Hill on South Dakota Avenue, N.E. on February 2, 1963. Since most of the original members were from the Maple Springs Baptist Church in North Carolina, it was decided to call this church “Maple Springs Baptist Church.”


After conducting several worship services at the South Dakota location, the membership decided that they needed another place to worship and to conduct official services. They rented a house at 1922 13th Street, N.W., and the first official service was held on March 10, 1963.


God increased the growth of the church as Frank and Hattie Myles (who later became Chair of Deacons and Deaconess, respectively) joined Rev. Rudasill growth efforts. The church relocated to 1416 Florida Avenue, N.E. and the first service was held on February 6, 1964. The church observed her first anniversary on March 8, 1964 and its first revival occurred from April 4 through April 9, 1965 with Reverend Chester A. McDonald, Sr. as Revivalist.


The church moved again to another house located at 2628 11th Street, N.W. and on January 15, 1967, Reverend Rudasill offered his resignation which the church accepted. The church then called as her new pastor C.A. McDonald, Sr. with a membership of 39 individuals.


Pastor McDonald, Sr. began vigorous evangelistic movements which in effect, charged each member to become a “one-person” committee for soul-winning. God blessed this movement and the membership began to grow by “leaps and bounds.” God blessed the church to find a larger building located at 3425 Sherman Avenue, N.W., and we moved in on July 10, 1970. God continued to increase our membership and on February 5, 1973, we purchased our first church building located at 1601 23rd Street, S.E., Washington, D.C.


Early Growth…Progress…Pressing Onward 1967 – 2001 – Second Pastor, Dr. C. A. McDonald, Sr.
The Stem/Bud


God continued to bless Maple Springs in such a magnificent way that we outgrew this building in less than six months. God blessed us to purchase the land on which our church building now stands, and we moved in our new church building on July 30, 1978.


In 1986, Dr. C. A. McDonald, Sr., founded the Maple Springs Baptist Bible College and Seminary (MSBBC&S) to help provide trained personnel for the propagation of the Gospel. Dr. Larry W. Jordan, then Minister of Education, was appointed by Pastor McDonald to develop and implement the programs required to establish the Maple Springs Baptist Bible College and Seminary. The curriculum was designed to prepare for the ministry those who had no previous undergraduate training in the biblical area as well as those who have completed an undergraduate degree. MSBBC&S became recognized by the State of Maryland as a religious degree granting institution and on September 24, 1992, Maple Springs Baptist Bible College and Seminary was granted Associate Status with the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, (TRACS) a NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED ACCREDITING AGENCY.


In 1992, Dr. C.A. McDonald, Sr. appointed Dr. Larry W. Jordan as President of the Institution. From 1992 to 1995, MSBBC&S moved from associate to candidacy status for accreditation and in 2000, became fully accredited by TRACS. In addition to TRACS accreditation, MSBBC&S received recognition by the American Council on Education (ACE) and the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).


Under Pastor McDonald’s leadership, the bulk of our current ministries were established that include: Tuition Assistance Ministry, Ministry of Homes, Hospitals and Prisons; New Members Orientation, Women’s Advisory Council; Seniors; Youth, Single & Married Couples; OASIS (Overcoming Abuse of Substance Intake Syndrome); Catastrophic Illness Support Group; Tape Ministry; and CARE (Christian Aid Resources Exploration), to name a few.


In 2001, Dr. C.A. McDonald retired as Pastor of the Maple Springs Baptist Church and recommended to the church that Dr. Larry W. Jordan become the new pastor. On June 16, 2001, the membership of Maple Springs Baptist Church, in obedience to the Holy Spirit, rendered an unanimous decision in the election of Dr. Larry W. Jordan, as Pastor Elect of Maple Springs Baptist Church. Subsequently, on September 16, 2001, Dr. Jordan was installed as the third Pastor of the Maple Springs Baptist Church and Dr. C.A. McDonald, Sr. was given the official title, “Pastor Emeritus.” On December 25, 2012, Dr. C. A. McDonald, Sr. went home to be with the Lord.


Under the leadership of Dr. Larry W. Jordan, our membership continued to grow and flourish and our level of community involvement became the face of our church. Families in our local, regional and global communities have been clothed, fed, and ministered to as a result of our outreach efforts.


In his effort to increase community outreach and national service, in 2001 the Maple Springs Community Service Corporation was established. The Maple Springs Community Service Corporation (MSCSC) is a non-profit, community-based organization committed to encouraging, equipping and empowering today’s youth for tomorrow challenges. The goal of MSCSC is to train, develop and implement activities and programs that challenge, convict and change our youth into mature young adults.


MSCSC has developed partnerships with community churches and organizations to develop and implement an Enrichment Program with Georgetown University, a Summer Enrichment Program as well as established a Wellness Program through Bowie State University in conjunction with the Prince George’s County Board of Health.


In 2003, the Maple Springs Baptist Church was awarded a federal grant through the Associated Black Charities, Inc. The grant permitted the sustainability of faith-based organizations and enhanced the church’s website to include dissemination of electronic church information and bulletins.


Continuing to Flourish…2001 to Present – Third Pastor, Dr. Larry W. Jordan 
Head (Composite Flower)


In April 2007, our church planted an international ministry in the Dominican Republic in support of Dr. Joseph March and the Healing Waters Project. In 2008, Pastor Jordan implemented a farming project in the Kericho District in Kenya, East Africa sponsored by the Maple Springs Baptist Church to assist in supplying food during a food shortage. In February 2009, Dr. Jordan dedicated “The Kipsitet Baptist Church Medical Clinic” funded by the Maple Springs Baptist Church and Partner after several trips to the Kericho District in Kenya, East Africa to distribute medicines and health care supplies to government dispensaries. The Maple Springs Baptist Church continues to supply medicines quarterly to the clinic and several Kenya government dispensaries.


Our church continues to participate in mentoring programs and other support and Outreach and Missions activities for the local, national, and international communities in time of need. On the local level, we have provided financial support for community and church congregation efforts. On the national level, we have donated funds for Hurricane Katrina and Disaster Relief efforts. On the international level, we have given financial support to the Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention to assist with foreign mission support in Haiti and Katrina relief efforts. Also, as a result of the outreach work of our leadership and our members, Maple Springs Baptist Church received the highest honor from the Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention.


On December 31, 2016, Reverend Larry W. Jordan retired as Pastor of Maple Springs Baptist Church after serving for 15 years. In 2017, the church began an exhaustive search for a new leader under the guidance of the Pastoral Search Committee and Chair, Deacons James Thompson.


On September 16, 2017, the Maple Springs Baptist Church (MSBC) selected Reverend Jerome (Sam) Tarver, DMin., as its 4th pastor. Pastor Tarver follows in the line of great leaders, Rev. Larry Wayne Jordan, Phd, Rev. Chester A. McDonald, Sr., and Rev. James W. Rudasill, Sr., who preceded him as the Senior Servant of MSBC. These men established a great tradition of selfless service that Pastor Tarver plans to emulate. We are eager and excited to experience the leadership and direction Pastor Tarver shall bring to our church.