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Ministerial Staff

our-team-4Reverend Jerome “Sam” Tarver
Pastor Elect
our-team-1Reverend Larry W. Jordan
Pastor Emeritus
our-team-2Reverend Benjamin Broadnax
Administrative Assistant to the Pastor
our-team-3Reverend Alan Bolden
Associate Minister
our-team-5Reverend Cynthia Parker-Bolden
Christian Education
our-team-7Reverend Wayne A. Heatley
Associate Minister
Assistant Counselor
Deacon James B. Thompson
Executive Assistant to the Pastor
Ministry Leader Counseling/Nursing Ministry
our-team-8Deacon Herbert Hawkins
Ministry Leader
Missions/Outreach Ministry
our-team-2 Elder Jeff Jacobs
Ministry Leader
Music Ministry
our-team-10Reverend Jeffery Bates
Ministry Leader
Education Ministry
our-team-14Reverend Lynda Brown-Hall
Ministry Leader
Women of Purpose
our-team-13Reverend April Jenkins
Associate Minister
Our-team-12Reverend Louis Jenkins
Ministry Leader
Fellowship/Hospitality Ministry
our-team-2Minister Bertha Gaymon
Associate Minister
I will make them and the places surrounding my hill a blessing. I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing.