Our Service Times

Our History

In the Beginning…1963 – 1967 – First Pastor, Reverend James W. Rudasill, Sr.
The Seed


The Maple Springs Baptist Church was founded by the Reverend James W. Rudasill, Sr. The first meeting was held at the home of Mr. John Hill on South Dakota Avenue, N.E. on February 2, 1963. At this meeting Reverend Rudasill explained that he had been divinely inspired to start a church to worship our Lord Jesus. Present were Reverend Rudasill, Brother John Hill, Sister Lorene Ross, and Sister Barbara Dickerson. Since most of the original members were from the Maple Springs Baptist Church in North Carolina, it was decided to call this church “Maple Springs Baptist Church.” The next meeting was held on February 8, 1963, at the home of Sister Mary Stethen on Dix Street, S.E. Present were Reverend Rudasill, Sister Sarah Rudasill, Sister Stethen, Sister Barbara Dickerson, Sister Beatrice DePray, and Brother John Hill. The church membership decided that they needed another place to worship and rented a house at 1922 – 13th Street, N.W., to conduct official services. The first official service was held on March 10, 1963, at 2:00 p.m. Present were Reverend Rudasill and his family, Sister Dickerson, Brother Hill, Sister Stethen and Visitors.


On March 24, 1963, Reverend Rudasill was alone in service when Brother Frank Myles (deceased) came in and pledged to work with him. He appointed Brother Myles acting deacon who later became Chairman of the Deacon Board and remained so until his death. Later, Sister Hattie Myles (deceased) and Deacon Hobson joined and Sister Hattie Myles was appointed as Chairman of the Deaconess Board. Deacon Hobson (deceased) was appointed to serve as deacon.


The late Reverend E. L. Harrison, then Pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church, baptized those who were candidates for baptism, and fellowshipped those who came on Christian experience. Shiloh Baptist Church gave letters to all members for the purpose of establishing Maple Springs Baptist Church on an official basis.


God increased the growth of the church, and the church was relocated at 1416 Florida Avenue, N.E. The first service was held on February 6, 1964, at 9:30 a.m. and the church observed her first anniversary on March 8, 1964. The first revival was conducted from April 4 through April 9, 1965 with Reverend C.A. McDonald, Sr. as Evangelist.


The church moved again to another house located at 2628 – 11th Street, N.W. On January 15, 1967, Reverend Rudasill offered his resignation which the church accepted. The church then called as her new pastor C.A. McDonald, Sr. At that time the records showed a membership of 39.


Early Growth…Progress…Pressing Onward 1967 – 2001 – Second Pastor, Dr. C. A. McDonald, Sr.
The Stem/Bud


Pastor McDonald, Sr. began vigorous evangelistic movements which in effect, charged each member to become a “one-person” committee for soul-winning. God blessed this movement and the membership began to grow by “leaps and bounds.” God blessed the church to find a larger building located at 3425 Sherman Avenue, N.W., and we moved in on July 10, 1970. God continued to increase our membership, and we, by God’s grace, purchased our first church building located at 1601 23rd Street, S.E., Washington, D.C. On February 5, 1973, we marched in our newly purchased building and we intensified our evangelistic efforts, and God began to add to the church such as should be saved.


From June 29 through July 2, 1976, Pastor McDonald was one of the keynote preachers for the Bicentennial New Life Conference held in Washington. His message was “Freedom Through the Cross of Christ.” About 41 states were represented at the conference and the Name of Jesus was lifted up.


From November 1976 to April 21, 1977, our church was involved in the “Here’s Life Washington Campaign (I Found It).” We installed five additional telephones and operated a telephone center 42 hours. During this time, 2,213 homes were contacted out of which 77 received Christ, 250 letters were mailed, 197 personal appointments were made, 172 booklets were delivered, and 98 people enrolled in a follow-up Bible Study Class. God really blessed our church in this ministry.


We outgrew the building at 1601 23rd Street, S.E. in less than six months. God blessed us to purchase the land on which our church building now stands, and we moved in our new church building on July 30, 1978.


In 1986, Dr. C. A. McDonald, Sr., founded the Maple Springs Baptist Bible College and Seminary (MSBBC&S) to help provide trained personnel for the propagation of the Gospel. Dr. Larry W. Jordan, then Minister of Education, was appointed by Pastor McDonald to develop and implement the programs required to establish the Maple Springs Baptist Bible College and Seminary. The curriculum was designed to prepare for the ministry those who had no previous undergraduate training in the biblical area as well as those who have completed an undergraduate degree. MSBBC&S became recognized by the State of Maryland as a religious degree granting institution and became a member of the Evangelical Training Association (E.TA.). On September 24, 1992, Maple Springs Baptist Bible College and Seminary was granted Associate Status with the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, (TRACS) a NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED ACCREDITING AGENCY.


In 1992, Dr. C.A. McDonald, Sr. appointed Dr. Larry W. Jordan as President of the Institution. From 1992 to 1995, MSBBC&S moved from associate to candidacy status for accreditation and in 2000, became fully accredited by TRACS. In addition to TRACS accreditation, MSBBC&S received recognition by the American Council on Education (ACE) and the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).


Pastor McDonald had an inspiration that the leaders of the church should get together for training and fellowship. From July 8-12, 1982, we conducted the First Leadership Conference. We emerged from that conference with immeasurable exuberance and spiritual thrust. Our church progressed tremendously and as a result the leadership improved.


Under Pastor McDonald’s leadership, further blessings allowed us to establish a Tuition Assistance Program for those deserving members who qualify to receive financial assistance for education. In addition, God blessed us with the following outreach ministries: Ministry of Homes, Hospitals and Prisons; New Members Follow-up; Evangelism; Missions; Education; Youth; Secular Education & Tutorial Services; Women’s Advisory Council; Senior Citizens; Single & Married Couples; OASIS (Overcoming Abuse of Substance Intake Syndrome); Catastrophic Illness Support Group called the Sunshine Support Group; Tape Ministry; and CARE (Christian Aid Resources Exploration).


In 2001, Dr. C.A. McDonald retired as Pastor of the Maple Springs Baptist Church and recommended to the church that Dr. Larry W. Jordan become the new pastor. On June 16, 2001, the membership of Maple Springs Baptist Church, in obedience to the Holy Spirit, rendered an unanimous decision in the election of Dr. Larry W. Jordan, as Pastor‑Elect of Maple Springs Baptist Church. Subsequently, on September 16, 2001, Dr. Jordan was installed as the third Pastor of the Maple Springs Baptist Church and Dr. C.A. McDonald, Sr. was given the official title, “Pastor Emeritus.”


Continuing to Flourish…2001 to Present – Third Pastor, Dr. Larry W. Jordan 
Head (Composite Flower)


On September 16, 2001, Dr. Larry W. Jordan was installed as the third Pastor and was charged to continue to nurture and flourish the rich history and foundation of the Maple Springs Baptist Church.


Under the leadership of our new shepherd, Dr. Larry W. Jordan, our membership continues to grow and flourish and our level of community involvement has become the face of our church. Though we remain an edifice that is subtle in public relations and media, our presence is extremely prominent within the local, regional and global communities.


In his effort to increase community outreach and national service, in 2001 the Maple Springs Community Service Corporation was established. The Maple Springs Community Service Corporation (MSCSC) is a non-profit, community-based organization committed to encouraging, equipping and empowering today’s youth for tomorrow challenges. The goal of MSCSC is to train, develop and implement activities and programs that challenge, convict and change our youth into mature young adults.


To embark upon this endeavor, the Maple Springs Community Service Corporation (MSCSC) has developed partnerships with community churches and organizations to develop and implement the Opportunities to Mend Educational Gaps to Advancement (OMEGA) Enrichment Program, which is comprised of the Achieving Career Excellence (ACE) Summer Enrichment Program.


The ACE Summer Enrichment Program, operating under the auspices of the Maple Springs Community Service Corporation, was developed in 2002 and averages a summer enrollment of seventy (70) students.


As part of his first accomplishments, Pastor Jordan implemented strategic planning as a mandate for each ministry and aligned the various groups and church ministries under the leadership of designated ministers and church leaders who serve as the liaison between the Director/President of each auxiliary and the pastor. In addition, Pastor Jordan established a Wellness Program through Bowie State University in conjunction with the Prince George’s County Board of Health.


In 2003, the Maple Springs Baptist Church was awarded her first federal grant. The grant was awarded under the Compassion Capital Fund Demonstration Program for Faith-Based Initiatives and was awarded to Maple Springs from the Associated Black Charities, Inc. The purpose of this grant was to assist with the organizational development and sustainability of faith-based organizations and in turn, allowed Maple Springs to begin the enhancement of the church’s website to include dissemination of electronic church information and bulletins. The grant also allowed the church to focus extensively and solely on strategic planning and fund development. The relationship with Associated Black Charities, Inc. gave awareness to the Maple Springs Baptist Church vision and its community.


In October 2004, the Maple Springs Baptist Church was able to exhaust portions of the funds from Associated Black Charities, Inc. to assist with the hosting of our first community health awareness initiative known as, “Health, Fun and Fitness Day.” Over 300 people from the church and community attended this activity. This was the first official effort of the church to bring awareness to disease control, fitness, nutrition, and health issues, specifically those relevant to the African-American community.


Pastor Jordan expressed at his installation service that he would like to see the Maple Springs Baptist Church “embark on a new milestone in her history.” And today, we can see God moving throughout the church, our ministries and leaders. In our efforts for new engagements, we increased the emphases on “outreach” and “serving” for our youth. Our youth are involved in extensive community services (specifically those relevant to the African-American community). They host community clean-up days and provide assistance to local soup kitchens.


In 2005, our annual “Health, Fun and Fitness Day” was held in combination with the Hope Missionary Day of Lott Carey. Our theme was “Brave Enough to Follow.” Workshops were held for ages five and older to assist attendees in gaining a better understanding about the true meaning of being a “missionary.” Youth came from churches all over the region to unite as one body in Christ and to learn about serving and following His Great will. The success of this effort catalyzed an annual “Health, Fun and Fitness Day,” from which in 2005, attendance more than doubled. Our annual “Health, Fun and Fitness Day” continues to be held each year.


In 2006, Pastor Jordan was selected to participate in the Lott Carey Pastoral Excellence Program. This was a three-year program that included both foreign mission experiences and peer-to-peer mentoring. Over the course of the program, Pastor Jordan travelled to Guyana, Jamaica and South Africa where he, along with other pastors, lived and worked with local church pastors in those countries; fully sharing in ministry.


In February 2007, Pastor Jordan received a Civic Award from Georgetown University for his outstanding leadership and community development efforts relative to the educational growth and development of youth in the community through tutorial programs.


In April 2007, our church planted an international ministry in the Dominican Republic in support of Dr. Joseph March and the Healing Waters Project.


In July 2007, Pastor Jordan was one of approximately forty (40) scholars invited to Manchester College of Oxford University in Oxford England to be a member of a Round Table entitled, “Religion and Decline of Public School”.


In 2008, Pastor Jordan implemented a farming project in the Kericho District in Kenya, East Africa sponsored by the Maple Springs Baptist Church to assist in supplying food during a food shortage.


In February 2009, Dr. Jordan dedicated “The Kipsitet Baptist Church Medical Clinic” funded by the Maple Springs Baptist Church and Partners. Prior to the construction of the clinic, Pastor Jordan led several trips to the Kericho District in Kenya, East Africa to distribute medicines and health care supplies to government dispensaries. The Maple Springs Baptist Church supplies medicines quarterly to the clinic and several Kenya government dispensaries.


In March 2010, Pastor Jordan will be honored by the “Radio One” community, specifically WYCB Radio. WYCB will pay homage and tribute to Pastor Jordan’s ministry. The following is a quote speaking of Pastor Jordan from WYCB – “Under your leadership, the Maple Springs Baptist Church has become a beacon of light in our community and we applaud your efforts in helping to make our community strong with all your various programs.”


Our church continues to strive to meet the needs of the masses. We participate in mentoring programs and other support activities in several public schools. Our Outreach and Missions established a food bank to give food assistance to the local community and to our church family. We continue to provide disaster relief and financial assistance to our church body and to the local, national, and international communities in time of need.


On the local level, we have provided financial support for community and church congregation efforts. On the national level, we have donated funds for Hurricane Katrina and Disaster Relief efforts. On the international level, we have given financial support to the Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention to assist with foreign mission support in Haiti and Katrina relief efforts. Families in our local, regional and global communities have been clothed, fed, and ministered to as a result of our outreach efforts. Also, as a result of the outreach work of our leadership and our members, Maple Springs Baptist Church received the highest honor from the Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention to acknowledge our presence in the foreign mission capacity.


In 2010, Maple Springs Baptist Church still understands where people are in their dilemmas and we are showing compassion to our local and national communities as well as to international communities. Specifically, our church: (1) continues to provide for the necessities of life; namely, food, shelter, etc., to our members and to our local communities; (2) gives major financial assistance to Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention in support of earthquake victims in Haiti; (3) continues to provide medicine and health care products to our brothers and sisters in the Kericho District in Kenya, East Africa; and (4) continues to support local, national and international missionaries who are involved in fulfilling the “Great Commission.”




Pastor Jordan emphasized in his 2003 message for the installation of church officers, “God is preparing us to do a NEW THING.” And today, Maple Springs can proudly say that we are continuously striving to do a NEW THING in Christ Jesus. We are truly pressing toward the mark to serve, evangelize and spread the Gospel throughout all nations. We truly give thanks to God for His bountiful blessings as we focus on our Scriptural premise Romans 8:35-37 for the Year of 2010, and our 2010 Church Theme, “We are more than conquerors – completely victorious – in Christ Jesus, our Lord.”



May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.